Hubert Knulst

Ambassador of Nature

Expanding The Universe With New Ideas

For me, total Peace & Freedom are the baseline norms of a civilised society. Without Peace there is no progress or Evolution. Why do we fail to create a peaceful world? I found a misunderstanding about ourselves, our capabilities and how life works. This misunderstanding results in a Little Picture Self-Image that frustrates our growth, development and Evolution.

I tried to write this down in a couple of sentences, but it became a book titled “A Bigger Picture”. I describe the answers I found and present another perspective and understanding that makes it possible to bring a world of total Peace and Freedom into our reality.


A Bigger Picture

A Bigger Picture requires expanding your views; there will be uncomfortable questions with uncomfortable answers. It will remove the romanticised stories about Love, Spirituality, Solidarity, Justice, and Equality. In return, it will show the Magic of Being A Life.

Keywords are: Nature, Creation, Life, Quantum World, Reality, Love, Being A-Life, The Beauty of Uniqueness, Evolution, Innovation, Peace, Freedom, You, Me, Adventure, The Game, Source, Nothingness, Quantum Interface, Resonance & Frequency, Life Energy, A World where Peace and Freedom prevail, Intuition, Inner Guidance System, Imagination, Magic.

The tab Snippits contains the contents of the book and some parts. You can obtain my book as e-book or hardcover here.

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Ambassador of Nature

The model of Nature is the most successful, sustainable and creative model ever. Therefore, I am convinced that only the ideas, inventions and projects aligned with Nature’s Principles will benefit all Life.

The Principles of Nature cannot be captured, written down in a checklist or circulated as rules in a memo. Instead, they are embedded in all-natural lifeforms as a knowing and understanding that comes from the Heart.

In my book, I describe how I translate these Principles, with the sole purpose of helping to remind the reader about them. I am not claiming that these are rules or instructions for anyone to follow. Nature’s Principles are always a personal matter.

As an Ambassador of Nature, I will propagate Nature’s Principles wherever I go and support ideas and projects that follow these principles.

Expanding the Universe with New Ideas

We all can discover exciting things when we follow our intuition and inner guidance system. By doing this, we bring our uniqueness, infused with our Love frequency, through our system into the outside world. This will improve your world and everything that is part of it. There can be no misunderstandings about this.

In the world of Peace and Freedom, we will interact profoundly differently with the Life forms around us. So, I asked myself how this would look like. In the Innovation Lab, I listed some of the ideas and projects I mentioned in the book.

Let your imagination flow, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to share. Click here to access the Lab.

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