Hubert Knulst

Ambassador of Nature

Expanding The Universe With New Ideas


Full name: Hubertus  Jacobus Knulst, born in The  Netherlands in 1964.

I have always wanted to find out how things work, technology, biology and the fascinating human specie.

My attitude is that everything can be explained and understood, and every time I found an answer, this was followed up by the next question. So my experience is that when you ask a question, be curious or are fascinated with a particular subject and are open-minded at the same time, the answers or explanations will always follow.

To come up with an explanation, I focussed on the process and tried to find what causes an effect and whether similar systems followed the same sequence. This way of examination requires zooming-out and zooming-in to look at a system from different angles and different level viewpoints.

I zoomed-out to the Galactic level and zoomed-in beyond the Quantum level to discover that from one perspective, there is a hierarchical, thriving, ever-evolving ecosystem powered by Life Energy, where everything is more or less related. And from another perspective, there is one silent stillness that is the Source of it all. Between these two perspectives, there are infinite viewpoints, and each of them is, on some level, a form of Life.

Next to all the trazillion other questions, I had about everything in Life. There was one that kept haunting me: Why are we not making a world where Peace & Freedom are the norms, while every natural person I met always says this is on top of their priority list?

I listened to all the standard explanations, and some may sound valid from some perspective, but they don’t solve anything and sounded more like lame excuses. So I tried to find answers and found that we humans use a set of beliefs that make it impossible to bring Peace to Earth.

If I could explain this in 10 words, make a meme or fit it in an elevator pitch, I would do this and didn’t have to write a book. In my book, I call this set of beliefs “The Little Picture”, a misunderstanding of how Life and Creation work. Hence the title “A Bigger Picture”. The book presents my personal views, answers and explanations I found, but it intends to let the reader examine their personal Picture and maybe update or change this to an even Bigger Picture.

Peace & Freedom for All

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