Hubert Knulst

Ambassador of Nature

Expanding The Universe With New Ideas


Full name: Hubert  Knulst

From my early 20’s, I had this feeling that the way we were living was not sustainable, but I couldn’t figure out what better ways were out there.

It was obvious to me that our lifestyle and the way we organised our society would eventually cause our society to collapse.

Since then I was trying to find solutions to prevent this, so I had to find the cause of the problem.

I have worked in IT for over 20 years, hoping to find technological solutions or business models to the problem. When I couldn’t find them, I started looking at Nature.

Nature provides the underlying network for all life to grow, develop and evolve. Even we humans are completely dependent on Nature. Nature works in the background, invisible to most people, quiet, unobstructed and always providing all the resources we need.

Nature applies a set of Principles and when we align with these principles, all our actions and ideas will be fully supported and we can build a society that is truly sustainable.

When I discovered how Nature works, I found the cause of the problem and I also found the solution.

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