Hubert Knulst

Ambassador of Nature

Expanding The Universe With New Ideas

Exploring The New Ways

New ways are looming on the horizon and ready to be discovered. The new ways are preceded and announced by the aurora lights, as presents wrapped in a swirling display of colours.

The new ways have always been there and enter Earth’s Magnosphere at the top and bottom, coming from far away, travelling through the Quantum world that connects and communicates with all Lifeforms.

The new ways come in faster than the speed of Light, absorbed and distributed through Earth’s grid into every corner. They are touching and vibrating every molecule, atom and Lifeform in Earth’s ecosystem, skipping nothing.

The new ways are not pre-defined or instructions; they won’t tell you what to do or how to live your Life. These lights don’t contain information. Instead, their function is to amplify your Life Energy, allowing your imagination to invent increasingly beneficent new ideas and new ways for an ever-evolving society. You, and I am now pointing at you! You are the missing piece of the puzzle to make progress. The world needs your input, ideas, enthusiasm, and creative life energy to make the improvements you like to see.

It is not helpful to look at the past, at what is already there. Relax and look at these Lights; you can see them when you relax your eyes and close them slightly,  then ask the Lights: What do you want to tell me? Let the Lights take you on tour, and wait for an answer that will make you smile.

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