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Expanding The Universe With New Ideas

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Expanding the Universe with New Ideas

In this section, you will find some of the ideas and projects I mention in my book and which I am pursuing. However, I strongly advise reading my book to give you a better context, as the projects may look a bit stretched if you read them without knowing my approach to this. So, buy the book or download the e-book; it will not bite you.

Connecting with Earth and the Elements

Earth is a living being providing everything we need to support our biological growth, development and evolution. Connecting with Earth means touching the ground with your bare feet and using your hands to dig in the soil without a plastic layer. In this way, we set up an informational feedback system with Earth. This will allow Nature to develop foods that resonate more accurately with our biology, generating more Life Energy in our system.

Working in this way will allow for new types and variations of fruits and vegetables, restoring our body’s health and durability. Moreover, we would only need a fraction of this high-frequency food to sustain our bodies.

Global Open Source Campus

We will get used to the idea that our Magnosphere contains all tools we need. The Quantum world is constantly moving and grooving; therefore, there is always something new to discover. We will never stop learning, discovering, inventing, and expanding. The world will be set up as one big Global Campus where we will be students, inventors, artists, and explorers for Life.

Children will be great teachers and students; most operate aligned with Nature’s Principles. The older generations will learn to act without rules, and the younger generations will learn the consequences of their actions. Both will be students and teachers at the same time.

Quantum Interface (QI)

The Magnosphere is the most advanced Quantum computer. We will develop a Quantum Interface (QI) that will allow us to communicate with other lifeforms and civilizations that reside in different frequency bands. The QI is a piece of technology constructed of crystalline materials and acts as a gateway for inter-spectrum communication and direct communication with Nature. When the timing is right, the QI will connect us to the Galactic Eco-system, so we can learn from others and exchange information.

Re-Source Currency Exchange

Your Attention is your currency, and your skills are your services. These skills will be Natural and easy for you and valuable for others; this is the added value you will bring to the world and the currency to trade with. A Re-source Currency Exchange that is based on Nature Principles facilitates this. This will grow into a Global exchange. When the timing is right, the Quantum Interface will connect it with the Galactic network.

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