Hubert Knulst

Ambassador of Nature

Expanding The Universe With New Ideas

It all starts with Peace

Peace is a special word because it has no real opposition. Stillness, silence, Zero-point and nothingness are some words that attempt to describe Peace. An attempt because how can words be used for something silent?

Peace is the starting point for every phenomenon, every feeling, thought and action. The world surrounding you in your Magnosphere is a very sophisticated echo chamber. It repeats whatever you feel, think and act upon until the idea has enough traction that it becomes visual in your reality. This is the core principle of the self-fulfilling prophecy.

Peace is also the endpoint for every phenomenon; when you stop interacting with a situation, stop talking about it, and stop loading it with your Life Energy, every phenomenon will dissolve back into nothingness, back into Peace.

Every project always starts in Peace, and when it doesn’t work out, go back to Peace and make a completely new start.

Silence, for example, through meditation, interrupts the feed of waves in the echo chamber and brings back Peace. Peace is a space of nothingness, no sounds, no echo, no identity, the place of infinite possibilities. The easiest way to start a brand new direction is from Peace; it is much harder to change course while running.

Peace is a feature available for every living being; it is a lifeform that communicates with you. The more you connect with it, the more it will grow and fill your space.

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