Hubert Knulst

Ambassador of Nature

Expanding The Universe With New Ideas

Silence & Noise

Our curiosity and our creativity want to fixate on what can’t be grasped. But fortunately, there are always moments when this is realised, and silence fills the space.

Silence can only exist for a moment until we reach out and want to grasp it, define it, give words to it, put it in a box, emotionalise it, fixate on it, and dogmatise it.

These silent moments feel so good, a split moment where you and everything else ceases to exist. Disappearing entirely into nothingness, dissolved into totality, immersed in the dome of the free; Freedom.

Then our curiosity reaches out again, grabbing the silence, and our creativity starts to draw, colour, name, and define it. Entire worlds are instantly created during that grabbing, a trazillion times per moment.

This is Life and Death alternating between ‘is’ and ‘ex-ist’. Over and over again, infinitely.

Silence will always invite noise until it is so loud it becomes silent again. But, after all, it is a game, and the question remains: with what noise do you fill your space?

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