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Magnosphere Model

This is a section from the book. Every phenomenon is essentially a lifeform embedded in a Magnosphere, similar to the Earth and its magnetic fields. The Magnospehre model is valid for an atom, molecule, grain of sand, object, planet, water, minerals, an idea, concept or anything you can imagine.

The Magnosphere Model

In the previous part, we drilled down on matter and ended up with the atom, a tiny magnetic sphere that is the building block for our realities. When we drill down a little further, we drop into the Quantum Sea. This dimensionless layer provides the structure where EMF waves from all sources broadcast their presence as identities.

Resonance and Vibration are the primary technological components that Creation uses to make all Lives and phenomena happen. All are embedded within this wonderous system as a potential identity, freely floating in the Quantum Sea. For anything to come into existence, it needs to separate itself from the Quantum Sea in a confined space with its own identity; I call this space the Magnosphere.

You can see a Magnosphere as your private spaceship bubble reality. The bubble is surrounded by a Magnetic field and is filled with plasma that flows freely inside. At the centre is a superfast pulsating, rotating Spark, broadcasting its Unique Electromagnetic Frequency Signature. The EMF waves are emitted from the centre through the plasma clouds into the fabric of the surrounding Quantum Sea.

The EMF waves create trazillion flashes of lightning of all colours and light up the whole inside of the Magnosphere. You are observing it all, watching the play of lights that the flashes of lightning and plasma show around you. These lights are transformed into a Life Experience with the assistance of The Fab4 and many others.

The Magnosphere is both a sender and receiver of EMF Waves, a Sun and a Black hole simultaneously. The Magnetic Sphere is set up like the Van Allen Belts of Earth. They recycle the EMF waves back into the centre and out again. Each belt has its own EMF spectrum; the closer you get to the centre, the higher the frequencies and amplitude are.

The plasma in the magnetic belts close to the Spark is the most condensed. In these belts, the plasma appears as the physical phenomena and the dimensional world in our reality. Moving through the belts further away from the centre, the plasma becomes less dense, allowing the non-physical phenomena to appear in your reality. When you go even further, the plasma becomes transparent and merges with the Quantum Sea, which looks like watching deep into space at night.

When you get really, really close to the centre, close to the Spark, you will see the brightest Light, pulsating the highest frequencies of Love. There the plasma becomes exceptionally dense, the dimensional structure collapse and reality become entirely fluid. Moving your attention through the plasma and the different belts gives the illusion of distance and time.

When you go beyond the Spark, even past the Quantum layer, you end up in Nothingness, and when you go even further………. Well, this may be a subject for another book.

The Magnosphere can be seen as a Quantum computer, wirelessly connected with the Quantum database via the Ether network. You can resonate with any other Magnosphere that holds an idea, which will present itself via the sensory systems in your reality. Nothingness creates the space, Source powers the network, Love spikes it up, and Nature provides the whole experience. With your Attention, you search the network, and the inner guidance system points in the direction where intuition leads you. They all work together in a synchronized way.

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