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Space & Time Travel

This is a section of the book for the advanced reader. Time and Space travel are fascinating subjects that trigger our imagination. From my perspective, both are possible but not in the traditional way as astronauts in a spaceship. It will happen at some point, but that will be many generations from now. So dont book a ticket to Mars, or make sure that it can be transfered to your next generations.

The main reason is that the Electro Magnetic Frequencies of our current and near-future environments are not yet high enough to generate enough Life Energy to maintain a Magnosphere that can keep its integrity without the support of Earth and the Sun. Some are already exploring this by focusing their attention and resonating with these other times and places.

Bonus for the Advanced Reader

Let all logic and reason go for a moment. Then, when you allow all information to sink in. Picture a Magnosphere and its magnetic field hovering around you as a vibrating bubble. All the frequencies from the complete spectrum are emitted from your Spark. But you only focus on a small part of this spectrum, which contains the frequencies representing your version of Earth.

All the lights of the stars and planets that you see in the night sky are only visible to you because you resonate with them. What you have in common is the Spark frequency, as both are an extension of Source. So there is a relationship, but they appear far away. But as you may remember, distance and time are part of the illusion. It is not possible to travel there, because there is no there. The only way to go ‘there’ is to improve the signal and amplify the frequency you have in common.

Get closer to your Spark and tap into this signal. You will be able to resonate with it and experience your virtual spaceship, the Magnosphere. The Magnosphere is the most powerful Quantum computer there is. With practice, it can facilitate Space travel and Time travel.

Embedding your Attention in the higher Spark frequencies, your biological sensors will want to calibrate to these higher frequency inputs, and their Magnospheres will be upgraded. As a result, the operating frequency spectrum of your biological sensors will expand. You will start to see new forms, new colours, creatures that you may think are Aliens, Lights forms, Orbs or whatever spooky definitions are given. But when you realize that it is happening in your Magnosphere. Simply relax, be open, enjoy the show and foremost, trust your intuition and follow the signals of your inner guidance system. You will have the best ride of your Life.

The Little picture relies on biological sensors that can only resonate with a tiny fraction of the total EMF spectrum of the Quantum level. Therefore, it has a limited view. The Bigger Picture relies on intuition. This comes with inspiration and viewing with the inner Eye, also known as the 3rd Eye in the spiritual supermarket, The Eye of Providence or the All-Seeing Eye, a popular topic in other sections of society. The more you view from a Bigger Picture, from the Quantum Sea, you will train and develop your All Seeing Eye and be able to see further in time and space.

The method to separate yourself from yourself by capturing a tiny little fraction of the total Electromagnetic spectrum in a Magnetic sphere and creating from that perspective an adventurous Life as a human on this beautiful planet Earth. This is so absolutely wonderful that I can’t find the right words that express my admiration.

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