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Fictional Stories – The Spark

In the book are five fictional stories that allow the reader to view from a Bigger Perspective in a playful way. They are; “The Spark”, “The Purpose of Life”, “The Milky Way Saloon”, and “Tonight Live: The Magsnificant Fab Four”. The Spark is my favourite.

The Spark

Once upon a time, a little Spark resided in the centre of our Galaxy, the Great Central Sun. This was a great place to be, peaceful, and everything you needed or wanted was just a thought away; it was the perfect place. One morning, Sparky woke up and wanted to do something different. He went to the Great Central Sun and said; It is great here, no stress or worries, I have everything I need, but I am bored. I have been thinking for a while and know what I want. I want to Matter, be as big as the great planets, as the great Suns, and be as significant and meaningful as you are, Great Central Sun.

The Great Central Sun smiled and said; Oh, wow, a little ambitious Spark with big ideas. You can’t imagine how much I Love it when a Spark wants to matter and go on an adventure to find a place in this big universe and participate in the Great Game. You put a big smile on my face, and my heart sings. He continued; Are you sure you want to embark on this journey? You may have heard that many went before you, and not everyone succeeded in finding their way back home and got lost. The universe may look very peaceful, with all the lights, colours, and flashes, but many out there try to dim your Light and use it for themselves! Once you leave this place, you must continue always and forever and may or may not return here for a long, long, very long time or even never. There are no shortcuts.

Without hesitation, Sparky said; Yes, I thought about it for a long time, and I am confident that I can do the same things the others have done before me. If they can do it, I can do it too! They all started off like me, a Spark, and look what they have achieved. I want that and want to go. Great Central Sun laughed hard and said: Well, well, ambitious and confident. I will support your wish, but before you go, I must tell you some essential things you must know. I will create a place for you in the Galaxy and instruct everyone to support you. I will not tell you where this place is; you must find it. And when you find it, you will know; that’s when your Spark lights up. When you start mattering, you must create something new and unique in the Galaxy. You cannot copy anyone that already exists. It will sometimes be challenging, and if you think you can hide in the shade of some bigger family member, don’t do it because you will not grow. When you are in the shade, I and others can’t support you because you will be invisible to our Lights, and We are the Source. You have to stick out your neck, so We can see you and shine your Spark as brightly as possible. Do you understand what I am saying?

Sparky got a bit scared and said; Uhm, sure, Great Central Sun. I have this feeling inside me, the urge to take this step. I want to matter and experience this. I want to be my own Great Story. Great Central Sun continued: Listen well, a Galaxy is a big place, and many distractions may try to use your light and slow you down on your journey. You have to find solutions to continue moving forwards, and there are even more temptations that look too good to be true. Not everyone has good intentions, and many Sparks out there went before you but sadly lost their connection with Source, with Me. They lost the will to continue and slowly diminished. Hiding for challenges in the shade of others is what dimmed their light.

You will meet them, and they will ask for your help, don’t do it. Show them compassion and tell them to connect with Source, with Me, so their Light will shine again. Desperation makes them innovative beings. Some will present themselves as helpless little sparks, and your heart cries out to them. Or they present themselves as strong, powerful Sparks offering you the Galaxy on a silver platter. Don’t do it, only go for the Gold that shines inside you. Shown them your compassion and continue on your path. They all left here with the same Source connection as you and the same story I just told you. They and you have everything in your reach to succeed. You don’t need anything else.

Sparky was quiet for a while. I would be too after hearing this story, but Sparky pulled itself together and said; I made up my mind; I go! Can you please tell me again what resources will help me succeed? Again the big smile appeared on the face of The Great Central Sun, and he laughed out loud; HA-HA-HA-HA-HA and again HA-HA-HA-HA-HA and again HA-HA-HA-HA-HA.

The Great Central Sun was a funny guy and had a great sense of humour. He sometimes laughed just because he wanted to laugh, without any reason. Sparky heard that laugh many times, and the laughs rolled as vast waves of joy throughout the Galaxy. Sparky could not resist laughing along. A long time ago, Great Central Sun was asked why he did that, and even that question generated a long hard laugh; HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA for a whole week, day and night, tears rolling down his face. When he was done laughing, he said, many creatures in the universe take themselves too seriously and forget who they are, which dims their Light. As a result, they get depressed, so when I laugh, I can touch the Spark in their heart, which may light their Spark a bit, and they can remember what they are. I Love to do it.

Sparky was glad that Great Central Sun didn’t laugh for days this time. He wanted to start his adventure. Ok, said Great Central Sun, listen good: There is a special place for you in the Big Game where you have to go, but there is no fixed plan, job, or task you have to complete, no obligations, no payback, no interest or offerings, you also don’t have to send Me a postcard, focus on yourself, be yourself and the rest will follow automatically. You may do anything you want as long you add your Love when you do it and share the fruits of your work with others unconditionally. When you do this, all the others will support you in all your projects.

There are many temptations, and sometimes you may think that you are using your Love, but it happens to be a wrong turn that leads to a  dead-end. You will know this when your Light dims. It doesn’t feel good. Don’t worry; just stop for a moment, be quiet and wait. You will know when this happens, and it will teach you the different shades between Love and Fear. Wait as long as needed until something brightens your Spark again and shows you the way.  Just use your imagination, gut feeling, and intuition. Be open to learning from others on your path. You will make mistakes that may hurt, but the experience will bring you wisdom. There will be many that preach what is good for you and what you should be doing. Some are genuine, others not. You can listen to their advice and thank them for it, but only you can decide what is good for you.

When in doubt, simply ask a question out loud, wait, feel, and answers will always come. Only pick the answers that enlighten your spark. Every question will be answered, always. This is the Nature of the Galaxy. The Big Central Sun bent over to Sparky and lowered his voice slightly. He said; Nature is an old cranky one, every question shakes the fabric of The Galaxy, and he doesn’t like that. He wants peace and harmony, and responding to the questions will bring balance and harmony back in the Galaxy. That is why the answer always fits perfectly with your question. Sparky looked confused, The Great Central Sun smiled again, and a huge laugh erupted again, HA-HA-HA-HA. He said; I am joking. Nature Loves to do this; He is made for this and a true Master at it, the best there ever was.

So, to recap: Find your place, and always act with your Love. This will shine your Light and share the fruits of your work with others, freely and without conditions, just like We all do with you. All of Us will treat you as you treat others, this is the law of the Galaxy, and it applies to all, even to Me. And again, He continued with; HA-HA-HA-HA-HA and HA-HA-HA-HA-HA. So, Little Spark, I ask you for the last time, do you really want to do this? Sparky responded; Yes, I want this. The Great Central Sun said: OK, so it will be. And without any warning, the Great Central Sun kicked him in the butt, and Sparky flew with enormous speed through the whole Galaxy.

The Great Central Sun saw Sparky flying out and realized He had forgotten to tell some important information. He forgot to mention that a Spark can’t die or cease to exist. Each Spark is an extension of Source, just like the Great Central Sun is, infinite and everlasting. Identities come and go, but a Spark will always exist. It was not a big deal, Sparky was already on his way, and he will find this out for himself.

Sparky travelled for a long time through many Galaxies. He saw the most beautiful creations of all lifeforms on countless planets. He heard the stories from others, but these planets and lifeforms are much more impressive in real Life. He travelled deeper into the corners of the many Galaxies and paid good attention to what the others had created. He spoke with the Big massive planets and giant Suns that are abundantly present in the Galaxies. Asked for their advice and listened to their stories and adventures. Wherever he went, he was welcomed as a guest, and they gave him fruits and seeds of all different sorts of Life, which he gladly stored in his Space.

After he saw it all, he stopped at the far edges of the Galaxy, where he was alone in complete darkness and stillness. It was time to find his own place and to decide what he wanted to do. Sparky collected so much information and ideas that he needed a break to process it all. He followed the advice from the Great Central Sun, became quiet, went deep inside, and waited for a vision to appear that ignited his Light.

At an unexpected moment, he got a Great Vision displayed in full colour in his Mind’s Eye. He saw a beautiful planet with big mountains as high as the skies, great blue oceans, great green forests and wide open planes, blue skies with white clouds, and every lifeform you can think of. There were creatures of all sizes and forms and many colours that made it look like a huge party. It felt fantastic, and this was never seen before. His heart jumped with enthusiasm, and he said: That is me!!! He felt a burst of energy flowing through him. He started to spin at a tremendous rate, and a huge bright flash of light lit up the whole Galaxy, and he was happy as a Spark can be. Such a huge bright flash was very rare for such a tiny Spark, others noticed this, and they saw in a flash the vision he wanted to achieve. It was beautiful and unique, and they sent him all their support.

A giant force noticed this ambitious plan, and that was Nature. Nature is one of the major forces of Creation, and without his permission and support, nothing happens. He is the one that is responsible for the integrity and continuity of all Life in all Creation. A matchmaker between Sparks that brings visions into reality. He has a complete overview and is connected with all lifeforms. He is always willing to help when asked.

Nature came to visit Sparky and said: “He there, Little Spark. I received your vision, and I like what I saw. A unique and ambitious vision. I will help you to get started. Let Me talk to some of My friends, and when they like it, they will show up. I hope you keep in mind to act with Love; otherwise, the support will stop. Sparky nodded and smiled.

A couple of days later, Sparky felt something pulling at him, and a beautiful Sun came his way and said; He Sparky, I am also a Spark; they call me Sunny. Nature told me about you and said we would be a good match. I like to share my radiation with you, so your beautiful vision may become a reality. Come inside my sphere so you can grow. Sparky felt a good vibe and moved inside Sunny’s inner sphere. He was submerged in the Light of Sunny. Sunny already had other planets around him, some bigger ones that circled in his outer spheres. It felt good to join Sunny and become a planet of a bigger family.

Sunny shared his radiation with Sparky. It felt like a warm, soft blanket slowly wrapping around Sparky.  Sparky felt he was growing, and it was pretty hot inside Sunny. He slowly moved to the edge of Sunny’s sphere. He also noticed that his own sphere was growing bigger with every rotation.

Nature came along and saw that Sparky and Sunny were a good team, and He said;  It is time for your next phase to make your vision a reality. But first, you must leave Sunny’s inner sphere. Then, I will place you in his closest outer atmosphere. But still close enough to receive enough radiation to grow and develop your own sphere.

Living on the outside of Sunny was very different; on the inside, it was much quieter and more comfortable. On the outside, he noticed the presence of many more planets and felt a wide range of different sounds. He also felt his sphere was growing and slowly moving away from Sunny, who told him not to worry and trust the process.

Nature popped by again and said to Sparky; I watched you, and you are doing a great job. You have now grown to the size that you be an actual planet. You need a name, and We decided to call you Earth. You will be identified by this name in all the Galaxies. He continued and said;  I will put Earth at the proper distance from Sunny so that the fire at your core keeps burning. I asked some friends to pay you a visit and help you with your vision. They will arrive soon and are always right on time.

Sparky thought, Wow, it is happening! He had some mixed feelings. On the one hand, it was very comfortable and cosy, close to Sunny. Still, on the other hand, he was on a mission to see his vision come into matter, and he trusted Nature and waited for his friends to arrive. Then, he remembered the words of the Great Central Sun; there is no way back and no shortcuts, so let’s go for it!

Earth was still a glowing sphere, but it slowly cooled down. Then, one morning a friend of Nature arrived; it introduced itself as Water! Without any warning, it submerged Earth in an enormous bubble of water. Earth quickly cooled down, and the red sphere formed a hard crusty layer. It felt strange, and Spark wondered if this was part of the plan. He asked Sunny, who only said that he should trust the process. He was still unsure and reached out to the other planets that circled around Sunny, they all looked different, and communication was difficult.

One giant planet wanted to help him, but he was too far away. Their paths brought them closer at one moment, and the giant planet pulled Earth closer with its magnetic rings. Sparky got a funny feeling; something didn’t feel right here. The closer he got to this giant planet, the further he was away from Sunny, and he felt his Light dimming. Earth was slowly pulled into the shade of this giant planet and started to cool down very fast. What was happening? He remembered the words of the Great Central Sun; Don’t hide in the shade of others. Otherwise, We can’t support you! Sparky panicked and shouted at Sunny for help! Suddenly, a colossal lightning bolt from Sunny hit Earth, pushing Earth back where Nature put it. Whew, that was pretty scary. He thanked Sunny, but Sunny said that the Great Central Sun responded to Sparky’s call for help, and Nature instructed Sunny on how to do it.

Sunny continued; This is a lesson for you, don’t put yourself in the hands of others, especially not in that big one. I have witnessed this many times happening with other planets like you. When they get too close, their Spark dims very quickly, exploding into trazillions little pieces. Sparky definitely learnt his lesson. From now on, he was entirely focused on his own vision.

One day Sparky felt something different, a subtle tinkling. When he looked at it, he saw a tiny spark that invented a way to start a lifeform in the water. Sparky was ecstatic, his first Life on Earth. He knew that this was the start and beginning of his dream, his vision. This was great news, and great news travels fast in the Galaxy. Nature came along and was proud; congratulations on Sparky’s first lifeform on Earth. Sparky knew Nature and others had a hand in this, and he thanked them all. After the first Life, more came, and before he knew it, the water was teeming with many lifeforms, and they had a great time.

It became pretty crowded and hot again on Earth. Earth kept growing bigger and bigger. Sparky figured out that whenever it became uncomfortable and crowded, it was time for the next step in the Evolution of his plan. Sparky felt the excitement and couldn’t wait for the next step. And indeed, a couple of cycles later, Nature came again, just in time and this time, he brought another friend with him; its name was Air. Before Sparky could ask what Air came to do, Sunny’s radiation lit up the whole area; it blew Earth further away. Sunny Magnetic force reduces with distance, allowing Earth to expand into a larger sphere, growing almost twice its size.

The hard crust cracked open, and hot liquid plasma squirted into the water. A significant part of the water evaporated and filled the Air. It was quite a spectacle that attracted many visitors from all over the Galaxy. Everyone wanted to see it with their own eyes.

Air was beneficial and created an atmosphere with clouds floating around Earth. Then, when all the cracking, shaking, and the noise quieted, Earth was again wholly transformed. There were patches of land with mountains and seas and lakes and an atmosphere with clouds and winds. Sparky couldn’t believe his eyes; it was better than he had ever hoped.

Sparky watched new lifeforms coming to Earth from all over the Galaxies. The tiny lifeforms that first lived in the water evolved into bigger lifeforms. Many sorts of plants and animals inhabited the waters and the land. Then there were plants of many different colours, all sorts of trees. Animals could swim in the waters, walk on land and fly in the air. Each lifeform had its own place to grow, develop and evolve. Then, among themselves, they figured out a way to work together in a complex but efficient Eco-system.

Earth was very prosperous, and many plants and animals developed on land, in the water and air. Enormous trees grew above the clouds, and gigantic animals walked, swam and flew around. Again it became pretty crowded, and there were some quarrels between some species.  Some lifeforms asked Earth to evolve again to make some space, but Sparky had no intention and wanted to keep it as it was. This was the planet he had in his vision and wanted to create. Why change? There was more tension between the different lifeforms, and Nature came and said it was time for the next step. Sparky said that this was his dream and didn’t want to change.

Nature ignored Sparky. He said that the Great Central Sun received instructions from Upper Management that Earth would have to facilitate the evolution of a new experimental lifeform called the Star-Beings. Sparky heard rumours about them; they suppose to be powerful and compact beings that hadn’t figured out what they were capable of. They have a reputation for being quite reckless and wild.

Nature said that the Star-Beings have the potential to become Stars that can freely travel through the Galaxies and work in a direct relationship with The Fab4, the primary forces of Creation. Sparky had a big question mark on his face, so Nature continued. There is Nothingness, the pure unmanifested stillness. Source shines all Sparks. Love is the Life Energy, and We are Nature that makes this all into a Being that is A Life and keeps the balance.

Sparky knew the feeling of Love, but he said he had never met Love. Nature laughed hard and long, just like the Great Central Sun. He said; Sparky, Sparky, Sparky. You’ve met Love many times, but you didn’t see her. She isn’t that vocal and doesn’t show Herself. She is a feeling that gives you an extra push, ignites your core, and amplifies your enthusiasm. But only when She likes what you want to achieve and when it fits the master plan of the Upper Management.

This surprised Sparky because The Great Central Sun said there wasn’t a plan. Nature continued; The Great Central Sun said there is a special place for you in the Big Game. You followed the instructions and ended up here. I gave you a name and an identity; Earth. You did a great job, you could have resigned many times, but you kept going. We were all watching you, lurking in the background, assisting you when needed, and curious to see HOW you would do this.

Still, without the support from all of Us, including the Upper Management, you wouldn’t be able to move an inch. Remember, you are not “The Earth”. You are Sparky, and the Earth is manifested inside you. It is common to identify yourself with your creation, but this is the Game you signed up for; Being A Life and not being a thing.

OK, Sparky, enough small talk. We are running out of time. You have a choice, continue like this or let it all go, accept this new challenge and evolve into unchartered territories. This experiment will happen, and it does not depend on you, so don’t feel obligated. We explained that you are never alone and that many support and assist you. We are ALL invested in this and always on your side. It may get tough at times, and We don’t know how this will work out and what will happen along the way, but We know that it will work out.

Sparky remembered his own words to The Great Central Sun; he wanted to become as Great as well and said; OK, let’s do it! What do you expect from me? Nature reminded Sparky of the words of the Great Central Sun; share the fruits of your work with others freely and unconditionally and do it with Love. He continued, treat these aspirant Star-Beings as your children and give them all you got, freely and unconditionally and Love them in every circumstance. They will make mistakes and blunders. They may be messy, and their choices will not always align with what you feel is right. But it will always work out, and the ones that succeed will work closely with Earth and You as your brothers and sisters and create beautiful worlds. Well, how does this feel?

Sparky was quiet for a couple of seconds and turned his attention inside. Suddenly he saw this beautiful brightest world in his imagination, and he felt a wave of excitement going through his whole Being. Sparky tried to speak, but he couldn’t say a word. Nature smiled and said; Yes, Sparky, what you see is a sneak preview from Upper Management. A present brought to you from Nothingness, what you felt was a gift from Love, Source has your back, and We will make it happen.

We will start now and make the necessary adjustments to the magnetic fields of Sunny, Earth and the other planets to facilitate this project. We promise this project will draw a lot of attention from all over the Galaxies; everyone wants to be involved in this, and it will be exciting and magnificent. It will succeed; that is Our promise.

Before Sparky could say anything, Sunny turned into the brightest and most beautiful Sun he had ever witnessed. He felt the Earth shake and tremble. Mountains turned into volcanoes, bursting out new lands, and fires cleaned the surface. Earth expanded, and water levels dropped and rose, flushing over all lands. Light flashes from all over the Galaxy hit Earth’s sphere, sending new frequencies.

Sparky watched it all with an open mouth, it was a great spectacle, and he didn’t realize that so many others were involved in this.  This was only the beginning of an exciting project. Earth was again placed at the proper distance in the Solar system, and it got a satellite planet that introduced seasons to accelerate the evolutional cycles of these rare Star-Beings.

Many Star-Being lived up to their promise and are making their way into new worlds. They formed their network on the Quantum level and are working with Earth and The Fab4 to bring Heavens to Earth.

How is this working out for You, Sparky? Do you still remember the world you dreamt of when you entered Earth’s space?

……… Do You?

For now, good night and dream beautiful pictures…..…

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